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Monday – Off | Tuesday & Wednesday – 10am to 9pm | Thursday – 8am to 5pm | Friday 8am to 4pm | 
Saturday – Off

ello!  My name is Karen Kempker.  Becoming a successful stylist has been a dream of mine since I was very young.  I now have over 30 years experience and my passion for creating new and trendy styles has only grown.
 I take a lot of pride in continuing education .  I believe it motivates me into offering the best that I can for each and every client.  The need to keep learning new and creative techniques only makes me better, and is very exciting to bring it back to the salon.  I’ve completed many “Hands-on” classes, Dallas Hair Show,  Chicago Midwest Shows, Behind the Chair Color Convention in Nashville and have achieved the DevaCurl Inspired Stylist Certificate.
I truly love everything about my job including the creation of new and innovative styles.  I specialize in Creative Coloring and Razor Cutting.  I look forward to creating the perfect look for you.  Please call to make your appointment 573.634.5360.