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y name is Mallory Kramer. I’m excited to announce that I have made my dreams come true! Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become a stylist, so I enrolled in cosmetology school and loved every minute of it! Along the way I had the privilege of holding the salon manager position at school, granting me many opportunities to learn and grow and met many fantastic people along the way that helped shape me into the stylist I am today.i thought to myself, if when I graduated should I never wield a hairbrush again, I would be thankful for the experience. I will never regret the choice to pursue my career. Thankfully my hairbrush wielding days shall continue as I am now a part of a wonderful salon! I love to do roller sets, have been perfecting my beard trim and I love to do a great highlight! So please come in to see me for your next haircut, color, style or just to say hi!